Let me take you on a guided walking tour of the history of the women of Stockholm! Women's achievements and lives have all too often been written out of history and forgotten. Who were the women that should have been in our history books? Under what conditions did they live and work? What has it been like to be a woman in Stockholm during different time periods?

Hire me for private guided tours for small or larger groups! I specialize in women's history, architecture and tours for children but can make all kinds of tailor-made tours of Stockholm.

The author, publicist and feminist Elin Wägner beside a pile of signed petitions for women's suffrage handed over to the Parliament 1914.

(Unknown photographer, the original is from the Stockholm City museum)

Women's suffrage in Sweden

Over one hundred years ago – in 1921 – women finally got the right to vote in Sweden. On this anniversary walk from Östermalm to the Swedish Parliament – Riksdagen, you will hear the stories of the Swedish suffragettes, the women and men, organizations and events that contributed to the succesful outcome, and about those who were in opposition. 


My name is Charlotta Holmgren but everyone has always called me Lotta. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to tell stories.  

I'm a qualified tourist guide with a long experience as a guide and museum educator. I'm working at the City Hall of Stockholm since many years. I have a Master's degree in Culture, Society and Media Production from the University of Linköping. 

Stockholm has been my home since 2002 but the city has always been a part of my life. My grandfather used to bring me to the museums in Stockholm when I was a child and that is where my interest for history started to grow. I still love to visit them. 

I want you to experience this beautiful city through its intriguing history!